Silk Scarf – Yellow Brown

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Hand-sewn from organic silk from Soufli in Northen Greece, our hand-printed scarf is magically turned into the hero piece of your accessories collection. Wear it as a turban, tie it up gracefully around your neck, wear it as an impressive top, or as a jewellery piece wrapped around your wrist.
MIA PAPA is a lifestyle sustainable, organic & handmade brand of wearable and homeware art, launched in 2019. The brand prides itself on the sustainable and ethical way of production, with a unique architectural and feminine design.
Every silk product is made in Soufli, Greece, where silk is grown from natural silkworm cocoons since antiquity. After being gently woven, printed, cut, washed and ironed, every product is taken by local seamstresses to sew it traditionally by hand, before it comes back to us, carefully packaged and delivered to you.
MIA PAPA, through the WEAR ART & LIVE IN ART Collections, addresses the modern consious-minded design lovers on an international level, proposing an inspiring, elegant and high quality lifestyle.
Wear art, live in art & let the magic begin!
Designed by Mia Papaefthimiou
Made in Soufli, Greece
100% natural finest silk
Twill-woven and hand rolled

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